Rye peeled bread flour

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The price stated in catalogue packing 45 kg/ton (VAT exclusive) 

Rye peeled bread flour GOST 7045-90

Packing in bags 45 kg

Packing in paper bags 1.8 kg

The prices are stated without VAT.


Qualitative indicators of rye peeled flour
Colour– greyish-white with interspersing of particles of hulls of grain.
Taste– particular to rye flour, without foreign taste, not sour, not bitter
Smell– particular to rye flour, without foreign smell, not frowsy, not moldy
Rustle– when chewing the flour should not be rustle
Humidity– 11.2 – 11.6 %
lling number– 190-160 seconds
Sulphate ash– 1.37-1.42 %
Fineness– rest on a sieve No. 045    0.2 -2.0 %

– sieve screening No. 38 – 63.0-76.0