First grade wheat flour М 36-30, М 36-27

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The price in catalogue is stated packing 2 kg/ton (VAT exclusive) 

First grade wheat flour М 36-30, М 36-27

STB 1666-2006 from soft wheat

Packing М 36-30 paper bag 1 kg

Packing М 36-30 paper bag 2 kg

Packing М 36-30 p/p bags 45 kg

Packing М 36-27 p/p bags 45 kg


Qualitative indicators of first grade wheat flour M 36-30
Colour– white or white with yellowish tint
Taste– particular to wheat flour, without foreign taste, not sour, not bitter
Smell– particular to wheat flour without foreign smell, not frowsy, not moldy
Rustle– when chewing the flour shall not be rustle
Humidity– 13.2 – 15.0 %
Brightness– 36-41 standard units
Quantity of fibrin– no less than 30.0 % II gr 95 units FDM
Fineness– rest on a sieve No. 35-0,2-0,3 %

– sieve screening No.  43-91,0-92,0 %

Falling number– 286-302 seconds
Shelf life– 12 months from the date of manufacture
Metal foreign matter in 1 kg of flourNo more than 3 mg
Nutrition value in 100 gr of products
Protein– 10.6g
Fat– 1.3 g
Carbohydrates– 67.9 g
Energy value1,365 kJ (326 kCal)