About company

Slutsk Bread Products Factory OJSC is a modern large enterprise with high-tech equipment. Occupying a leading niche in the food industry market, we produce and sell high-quality natural products that meet current standards.

Continuous improvement of capacities has led to a significant expansion of the production provided. We offer cooperation to companies engaged in agriculture, food industry and trade, guaranteeing objective, honest wholesale prices.

We offers mutually beneficial partnership, as we are not intermediaries, and grow, store and process grain ourselves.


The priority direction is the production of feedstuff. Our factory is fitted with modern equipment, which allows us to produce 810 tons of feedstuff per day. A wide range of products makes it easy to choose products for different areas of agriculture, namely: feedstuff for pigs, cattle, birds, fish. During production, we take into account not only the animal type of, but also its age, as well as seasonal and climatic factors to achieve the best result in the productivity of the animal.


Another priority area of the factory’s activity is the production of flour from raw materials grown in Belarusian fields. Before grinding, the laboratory selects the grain for mandatory quality control. Today we provide flour to most of the trade enterprises and bakery plants of Minsk region. If necessary, the factory can sell wholesale batches of the finished product by flour trucks.

The grain is cultivated and the products are manufactured without any genetically modified organisms.

Rape oil

We produce rape oil from high-quality seeds. The product is for adding into
feedstuff (mark P) and for technical purposes (mark – T). Processing of rapeseed into oil is made by double pressing. Our capacity is 54 tons of seeds or 17.5 tons of oil per day. The use of rape in the production of biofuel is becoming increasingly popular.

Processing is carried out on the lines of Czech modern equipment, and the final products – rape oil and mill cake comply with GOST.


Slutsk Bread Products Factory OJSC produces semolina and pearl barley. We also offer such types of packaged cereals under Zolotoy zlak trademark as: buckwheat, rice, millet, peas, barley and fine ground barley. All products undergo high-quality cleaning. Our products meet the requirements of GOST, as well as consumer requests.