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Visit in Kaliningrad region 11/09/2015

With the assistance of Embassy of Republic of Belarus in Russian Federation...

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Visit in Kaliningrad region

With the assistance of Embassy of Republic of Belarus in Russian Federation...

Slutsk centre of grain Production JSC is a modern large enterprise, marked by high-tech manufacturing equipment. Occupying a leading niche in the food industry market, we produce and sell a quality product according to most current standards.

Power efficiency advancement has led to a significant diversification. We offer co-operation to the companies working in the agriculture industry as well as to bread factories. We guarantee you objective and fair wholesale prices.

The cost of goods is not high as we are not brokers. We grow, keep and process grain by ourselves.

Compound animal feedstuff

Combined feed is our priority guidelines. Our center is fitted with modern equipment allowing us of producing 630 tons of compound animal feedstuff per day. A large variety of products helps you choose best from stuff for different agricultural industries namely mixed feed for pigs, cattle, poultry and fish. In the process of manufacturing we take into account an animal type, age and also climatic factors for reaching the top in animal productivity.


Flour manufacturing from Belarus-grown products is also very important company profile. Before the process of milling, the grain is sorted out in the laboratory for obligatory quality control. Today we provide most of trading companies and bread factories in Minsk region with flour. We can realize wholesale quantity of released product in flour trucks for you when required.

Grain growing and manufacturing mean a total absence of biotech food.

Rape oil

We produce rape oil from high quality grain. The product is for releasing into combined feed (R-labeled) and for engineering purposes (T-labeled). Oil seed rape grain processing is carried out by double-pressing method. Our working efficiency scores 54 tons of grain or 17, 5 tons of oil per day.

The usage of rape oil in bio-fuel production is gaining in popularity. The process of remaking is carried out with the help of modern Czech equipment. Released products such as rape oil and oilseed residues are based on GOST (all-Union State Standard).


Slutsk centre of grain Production JSC manufactures wheat farina, pearl barley and buckwheat. We also offer packaged cereals such grain as rice, barley, pea and millet. All the production is high-class cleaned and based on GOST requirements as well as consumption needs.

Convenience food

Slutsk centre of grain Production JSC has a very large range of ready-to-make bake mixes: doughnuts, thick and thin pancakes, ring doughnuts, pies, cakes, wafers, pizza, convenience food for bread machines etc. Our bake mixes have only useful organic substances. During convenience food production we don’t use either additives or biotech food. All our goods are provided with recipes that allow anybody cooking without difficulty.