Slutsk Bread Products Factory OJSC is a modern grain multi-profile enterprise, which includes: an elevator, a mill, a feedstuff mill, a line for the preparation of barley and semolina cereals. In addition, in 2010, a rape processing line was put into operation, owing to which the plant partially meets its need for protein components in the production of feedstuff. At about the same time, agro-complex Belaya Rus was established at the enterprise, which today produces more than 80 types of meat products. The factory’s products are well known both in Belarus and in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan and other countries. The enterprise has been achieving such success for many years through hard work and it started like this:


Merchant Myshalov F. H. Equipment consisted of one rolling press machine and one shaking machine driven by a steam engine with a capacity of 30 horsepower. The mill operated on mixed non-standard grinding. The daily production capacity was 20 tons.



A complete reorganization of the mill with the replacement of outdated equipment was carried out. Its productivity increased up to 50 tons of flour per day. During the first five-year plan, storage tanks for 1,500 tons were built, a railway line was built to the mill, and storage tanks for 1,000 tons were built. As a result, of the introduction of new technologies, the mill’s productivity has increased to 90 tons per day. In the pre-war years, the mill worked on rye peeled grinding. The equipment was replenished with two domestic rolling press machines the productivity was 100 tons of standard flour per day.



The diesel, which drove all the mechanisms of the mill, was replaced by an electric drive. Slutsk power plant provided the power for the mechanism.

Then came the period of the Great Patriotic War, which stopped the mill’s operation for more than three years. The enterprise was completely destroyed.



After the war, the mill was restored and put into operation. Its productivity was 120 tons per day. All equipment consisted of 9 rolling press machines and 6 shaking machines.




The enterprise was incorporated and reorganized into Slutsk Bread Products Factory OJSC.



Slutsk Bread Products Factory OJSC continues to expand its borders in production. This year is one of the most important in the life of the enterprise the trademark “Zolotoy zlak” was created and patented, under which the production of all products begins in the future. This trademark was registered and approved not only in the Republic of Belarus, but also on the territory of the Russian Federation and Ukraine.



Slutsk Bread Products Factory OJSC celebrates its 100th anniversary. Over the years, the enterprise’s team was able to honorably convey to the consumer its main tradition – consistently high quality of products.



Slutsk Bread Products Factory OJSC can justifiably be considered a multi-profile enterprise. In addition to the main production, pig complex Belaya Rus for 41 thousand heads of pigs is on the balance of the factory. Once unprofitable farm attached to the enterprise is now prospering. Of course with skillful management and organization of work.

Processed products – meat, semi-finished products, sausages – for their taste qualities have gained popularity and earned the trust of customers.