Slutsk centre of grain Production JSC

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“Agro-Zamost’e” agricultural branch

“Agro-Zamost’e” agricultural branch is a part of our enterprise. The branch center is located in the village of Zamost’e to the north of Slutsk. Today the branch includes the following main kinds of activity: grain, leguminous crops and vegetable growing (carrot, sugar beet, potato), as well as dairy and meat production. There are 3 commercial dairy farms and a pig-breeding farm on the enterprise balance.

Cooperating information:

Zamost’e village, Slutsk district, Minsk region, Post code 223642

a/c 3012214770030, Belarus Agroprombank, code 921, Slutsk, 7-Kopylskaya str., tax identifying number 601067637 All-Russian Classifier of Enterprises and Organizations 009587956006

Branch Head – Hmelev Nikolay

Reception phone number: 8017 95 79233