Slutsk centre of grain Production JSC

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Slutsk centre of grain Production JSC is a modern grain mill multi-specialized enterprise which includes: elevator, mill, feed-milling workshop, pearl barley and wheat farina production. Moreover, rape processing was placed into operation in 2010 ensuring the Center to satisfy its needs in protein components during combined feed production. Meanwhile, there was Belaya Rus’ agricultural complex organized, which produces more than 80 manufactured meat titles. The Center’s production is well known not only in Belarus, but also in Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan and other countries. Our enterprise had been achieving such a hard-won success for many years. It began like this:

In 1912

the equipment consisted of one roll mill machine and one rebolting sifter with a steam-turbine-driver with a capacity for 30 horsepower. A mill worked on mixed outsize grind. Daily production was 20 tons.


In 1926

there was a complete mill reconstruction with replacement of outdated equipment. Its production increased to 50 tons of flour per day. During the first five-year plan the enterprise built storage reservoirs with a capacity of 1500 tons, 1000 tons and a branch railway line near the mill. As a result of new technology implementation the mill production increased to 90 tons per day.

In pre-war years the mill worked on rye peeled grinding. The enterprise acquired two homeland roll mill machines. The productivity increased to 100 tons per day of standard flour.


In 1939

diesel engine which powered all the equipment, was replaced by an electric motor taking energy from Slutsk power plant. During the period of Great Patriotic War the mill didn’t worked for more than 3 years. The enterprise was totally ruined.


In 1953

after the ravages of warfare the mill was restored and got into service. Its production was 120 tons per day. All the equipment comprised of 9 roll mill machines and 6 rebolting sifters.


In 2000

the enterprise was reincorporated as Slutsk centre of grain Production JSC.


In 2011

Slutsk centre of grain Production JSC continued to enlarge its borders in production. This year has been very important for the Center as it created and patented “A Golden Grain” brand that gave name to all the products. The brand was registered and approved in the Republic of Belarus, in the Russian Federation and in the Ukraine.


In 2012

Slutsk centre of grain Production JSC will celebrate its 100 year anniversary. Through the years the corporate team got out the main tradition of high, abiding quality of the manufactured production.



Slutsk centre of grain Production JSC is widely regarded as multi-specialized enterprise. Except its core production the center has a pig-breeding farm “Belaya Rus’” with 41 thousand of pigs. It was joined to the center as an unprofitable enterprise, but now it does splendidly thanked to high managerial competence and organization of activities.

The processing output including meat, convenience food and sausages has gained popularity and deserved confidence of its consumers.